For the Freedom of Money
HonestCoin (USDH) is a fully regulated, 1 : 1 U.S. Dollar-backed stablecoin
that can be bought, sold, invested in or spent as freely as you wish.
Safety or freedom is not a question,
have both with HonestCoin.
As valuable and stable as the U.S. Dollar
USDH can be exchanged for U.S. Dollar at designated banks at the 1 : 1 ratio.
USDH is worth nothing less than the U.S. Dollar, plus freeing from the hidden complications.
Protected and ensured by
technology and U.S. regulations
USDH was created with BCH blockchain technology
It is completely void of theft and forgery. It is also 100% regulated by the U.S. government.
No barriers between
the digital world and the real world
Transact or pay with USDH 24/7/365 as easy as sending text messages.
Buy, sell, invest, trade, earn and pay with our proprietary multi-functional tools and channels.
Use HonestCoin anywhere,
anytime, in any possible way.
The HonestPay smartphone App will make put you in total control of your payments. HonestPay's online and offline registered commercial partners offer a wealth of products and services for the HonestCoin user.
The Honest Financial APP will provide vast investment choices for USDH users. Invest in both digital and traditional finance opportunities-increase your asset size and broaden your diversification capabilities.
Exchange currencies and store assets in USDH. Store USDH in cold wallets to preserve value and ensure stability.
USDH will be listed on major global exchanges and OTC platforms across the world.Clients and customers can buy and sell digital currencies with USDH, or exchange USDH into fiat currency.
Be an HonestCoin owner now!
The lower the cost, the higher the profit you retain.
Running your own business?
Soon, you can collect payments with HonestCoin and enjoy extremely low rates!
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